How You Should Behave When On A Date With An Escort

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A lot of people feel quite nervous when they meet an escort for the first time. And this intimidates them about how they should behave and what should they do and what not. This is all natural. Hopefully, there are some good pointers that you should keep in mind about what to do when you book an escort for the first time.

So, when you hire a gorgeous female escort in Dubai, or anywhere else, you must make sure that you follow some ground rules, detailed below:

Describe What You Are Going To Wear: Give a detailed description about what you are going to wear the time you two are going to meet. This will help her spot you easily in the hotel or at any designated place you have agreed upon. This makes everything look professional and discreet. Also, give her detailed instruction to the place you two are supposed to meet.

Be Fresh, Clean And Carry A Condom: Escorts are required to undergo regular STD checks and are careful when it comes to safe sex practices. So makes sure, you are carrying a condom with you, do not have any sexually transmitted disease and are fresh and clean.

Clean Up The Place: Whether you have invited an escort to your home or a hotel, she would appreciate to walk in a clean, nice room that smells good. This will make her feel comfortable.
Start With A Good Chat: No escort wants to start having sex right away when she meets a stranger. Start with a little introduction about you both, offer her a water or drink (whatever she wishes to have), and then start thing casually, leaning in for the fun gradually.

Be Specific About What You Want: When you have opted for an escort, you are looking to have a meaningful, enjoyable and satisfactory time. In order to make this a reality, you should talk to her openly about what you want. Escorts have incredible people skills, and when she comes to know what you want, she will be able to put you at ease and make the whole experience enjoyable.

You are looking for fun, enjoyment and pleasure. And following certain rules will ensure a great experience for you when you a hire an escort from a Dubai escort agency, or elsewhere.