Paco Rabanna


About me

I am like your favourite smell, sensual and chic…. You can wear me everywhere and by thinking about me you will start dreaming about all the nice moments we spend together. I am not like all the other escort models you have met, i am one of a kind. Beautiful and sexy adapting to every situation, Im passionate and wild at the same time but like a kitten turning into a tiger when the doors close behind us. I love going to the beach and spending my time outside the house. I adore good food and long conversations but can be silent when it comes to listening or having passionate sex. Lots of Love Paco Robanna x

1 HOUR  3,000AED NOTE: Taxi fees apply to all outcall bookings

blonde, slim, tanned

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Vivienne Dutchess
7 months ago

Real Natural Beauty, she is exactly what you expect her to be a big WOUW for Paco! ❣️